Hope Housing Training and Support Ltd was launched in 2009 to protect the vulnerable in Bournemouth.

Hope is supported housing for single homeless individuals. We also provide training and education to our residents to enable them to move forward into independent living i.e. non-supported accommodation and seeking employment.

We currently house 80 vulnerable people with multiple issues including:

- Homelessness
- Ex-offenders
- Foster care / lack of adhesion with family
- Drug & alcohol abuse
- Unemployment
- Mental health problems i.e. depression and anxiety

Our clients are offered 1:1 support from our trained counselling and support staff who do a fantastic job in helping them overcome the many personal issues they face. We also help our residents with budgeting skills, applying for funds, claiming benefits that they are entitled to as well other ad hoc issues that are unique to the individual. We have a large garden area which we encourage residents to maintain and grow fruit and vegetables which they are able to harvest. We have a gym within our flagship site 'St Johns Lodge' that enables clients to exercise, decrease stress levels and improve their health. Additionally we have recently purchased a mini bus which provides clients with transport necessary to connect them to and benefit from the local community i.e. Dorset Jurassic Coast, museums, football courts and training seminars.

Where an individual's needs cannot be met by our services we signpost them to other agencies within the local community that are able to provide assistance that meets the client's needs.

Case Study - Dave came to us with a history of drug and alcohol misuse, and he had been in and out of prison many times. After targeted support from our dedicated staff, Dave has been able to move on into private accommodation and into employment. He also volunteers with the Prince's Trust where he continues to receive training, and he has begun to mentor other ex-offenders. We are delighted to be able to report such positive outcomes for Dave.

As Hope HTS has dry houses, we carry out random drug tests to ensure we provide a drug-free environment appropriate to the individual's needs.

The organisation believes in the right of the individual to be treated with respect and due regard at all times, adhering to a comprehensive Equal Opportunities ethos. We aim to offer the highest possible quality of service which reflects the diversity of each individual needs.

The Vision

Our vision is to see:
  • People building the foundations of independent living
  • The improved lives of vulnerable adults
  • Helping people return to work through developing their skills
  • People sustaining their drug abstinence
  • Ex-offenders not returning to prison
  • Repaired relationships and stronger family bonds
  • A reduction of people on benefits

Our amazing team

Our team are 100% dedicated to positively making a difference to people's lives and are
qualified to work in these challenging areas. Our staff act in a supporting role to each individual which in some cases can be the most important tool on helping them on the road back into independent living.

The team are trained in life skills, health and social skills, as well as alcohol and drug awareness.
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Registered in England as: Hope Housing, Training and Support Limited
Registered Charity No. 1133284