Who benefits

  1. Vulnerable individuals

    Our aim is to equip our clients with independent living skills, to implement a healthy lifestyle, to support them back into employment and to increase their quality of life.

  2. Local Society

    Is Bournemouth changing? Statistics show that it costs Bournemouth Council £10 million to keep these young, vulnerable individuals in a safe and controlled environment, with projects to help them recover from addiction and to provide support workers to regularly test them and provide mentoring and counselling sessions where needed. The local groups providing these services include AA, CA, NA, Vita Nova, Club House, Sharp, Bournemouth Assessment Team, EDAS and the Probation Service.

  3. Public Services

    Crime reduction on the streets, helps all of our emergency services to save time and cost.

  4. Prison Service

    Crime reduction reduces the number of prisoners requiring the Prison Service and reduces the risk of re-offending.

  5. Taxpayer

    We all benefit. Bournemouth is a beautiful town, lets keep on improving it to to attract holiday makers/visitors, raise it's profile and add to the local economy. Overall, however, the biggest winner is the individual who is able to return back to family / friends or independent living and become a productive member of society without drugs, alcohol or crime being part of their life.

Hope helped me enormously when I finished my residential treatment, I lived in their supported housing for 8 months and received support and help with moving on to independent housing and gaining college and voluntary work placements. Since leaving supported housing I have moved on to living in my own home and had my children come back to live with me permanently and gone back into work.
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Registered in England as: Hope Housing, Training and Support Limited
Registered Charity No. 1133284