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The little things that make the difference

The little things like garden tools to keep individuals busy in recovery, theme nights, painting evenings, trips out, and the most important of all - having the funds to make a difference to peoples' lives. It may be as simple as paying for the bus fare for a mum to reunite with her children.

The need for your help

Our counselling project, which is needed so badly, could make such a difference to peoples' lives. Constantly we have individuals who without this support go back to drugs, alcohol, or a life of crime. This then causes the individual to be sent back to sheltered accommodation and some even go back to the streets or prison. Just a small amount of money could make a real difference to the lives of our young people and your help is desperately needed.

If you are unable to contribute financially, perhaps you could consider giving practically; we are always on the lookout for clothing, household goods, gardening equipment and time. Instead of throwing away items you no longer need, you could donate them and make a difference.

We don't know what kind of a life or upbringing the individuals have been through, let's unlock the reasons and hopefully make a difference.

How to donate to Hope HTS

If you would like to help support our work by making a financial donation, please visit one of the sites below:
  • Charities Trust
  • Charities Aid Foundation
If you would like to support Hope HTS in other ways, such as donating clothing or materials, please contact us. Your help will make a difference - thank you!
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